How to start to build small factory producing houseware products?

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How to start to build small factory producing houseware products?Demag Injection Moulding machine
Beside injection moulding machine we also need the other tools to support producing plastic houseware products such as plastic pail, basin, spoon, etc that we are called auxilliary equipments. This equipments we need for making plastichousehold product such as :

Cooling tower
and water circulation pump for cooling the heat exchanger of the machine and make the moulding running in stable temperature so the product will be good.
Cooling Tower

Water Chiller (Cooler) it use for cooling the water for molding. And it also depend on the molding. If the production must ruuning in fast cycletime so the chiller must be used for example producing caps in 4~6 sec.

Green Box Chiller

Example application how the chiller to be installed
Green Box Chiller Appliaction
Hopper dryer usually used for drying the material, especially for AS, ABS, PC, Nylon or PBT.
For PP and PE it is not necessary to use this equipment exception the material is wet by water..

Hopper Dryer Moretto

Sample application how the hopper dryer is installed.

Vacuum Autoloader
is used for conveying the material from storage tank to the hopper in the injection moulding machine. It’s also used for coneying regrind material that be applied using proportional valve suck from granulator. (Usually use low speed granulator that put beside the injection moulding machine.
Pls take a look in the granulator application!
)Autoloader Moretto

Salah satu contoh penerapan penyupplaian bahan secara terpadu (centralized conveying system)
Centralized Conveying System
Granulator or Crusher it’s same meaning and it’s used for crush the reject product or other part that will be reused to make good product. It can be runner (sprue) or small products and for big product it must broken become small piece and then through into the chamber of the granulator or it can be used belt conveyor for automation material reused..

Granulator Moretto

Sample can be applied for crushing runner or reject product that put beside the injection moulding machine :
Granulator Applications


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