Plastics Machineries Specialist

PT. PLASTECH DINAMIKA was established in June 2000. We are dealing in Machineries and Auxiliary Equipments for Plastics Industries.

Presently, we are representing several international brands of machineries and equipments.
The machineries are as follow :Injection moulding machine, Inserted Vertical injection moulding machine, Two stage PET stretch blow moulding machine, Soft tube extrusion machine, Thermoforming machine, Silk prinitng machine, dry offset printing machine, low speed granulator, blow moulding machine, process cooler specialist (water chiller), gas injection, plastic automation conveying aplication, robot system for product picker and other machine as requested from customer.
As agency many international brands plastics processed machineries we are supported by experience technical engineer.

with our basic expiriences in many years and serve many plastic company from small home plastic industry to big modern plastic company in plastics process machineries,.auxiliiary equipment support such as : chiller, dehumidifying dryer, hopper dryer, autoloader, granulator, and many other equipments. Our service support team have background experience in plastics engineering product such as home appliances part, monitor cabinet, printer parts, cap closure, PET bottle/container,etc. So trust us to serve you more better : “customer is our concern”:

We suggest the machine have not bought from us, registrated it and make a phone call to +62-21 6341881 or send email to
our staff official will call you back later.

Benefit Registration

1. Spare part easy to find on us.
2. We will serve your machine running well.
3. What is your complainings we will answer your question by expert engineer.
4. We can offer special cost for overhoul / every year maintenance schedule.
5. We are specialist, your machine problem will be solved by expert engineer.
6. We can offer special cost for training your staff except for new machine.

For any further details we pleased to receive your email to our email addres as below :