How to make plastics sealing for 3kg or 12kg LNG Tube and 5 gallon caps?

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alfa_robot_bomarch_sIn the present many people in Indonesia to produce plastics seal for LNG tube that we are called “segel gas elpiji” and general the material is LD-PE.Iit’s easy to tear and it use for secure the volume content of the propane. Especially for 3kg, 13kgs and for 50kgs there is the other secure seal with thread.
Segel Gas Elpiji
And cap for 5 gallon refilled mineral water it’s easy to produce the plastic caps. And now every state have the machine to produce this product. And the caps also supplied fron Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bogor for othe state around Indonesia.
The most important to make the good cap , producer should choose good material and good color pigment.
Cause it is used for drinking water.and it must good looking and with good function.
Usually the material also LD-PE with blue color.
tutup gallon
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